The rigs at W7KF

Rigs. I love 'em. Wish I had room for more!

Sky Hook-I

A ground mounted vertical monopole.

Sky Hook-II

It's a Marconi! No, it's an end fed Hertz!

Field Day Antenna

The coolest military surplus, field deployable, antenna of all time!


The best rigs are those that GLOW in the dark!

Alpha 86

1.5 KW, continuous coverage from 1.8 to 30 MHz!


The ultimate HF backpack rig!


There's nothing quite like carrying your transceiver on your back and working the world!


Yet another military pack set. This one made in the US of A!

Harris RF590

Receivers! Man, I love 'em!

ITT Mackay 3020A

Here's a receiver any good Radio Officer will love!

ITT Mackay 8050

Speaking of things a Radio Officer would love; check this out!

Harris RF350-K

Military Surplus at its finest!

Ten Tec Corsair-II

The last, and maybe the best, analog ham rig!

Ten Tec Centaur

In the 600 watt class the Centaur is tough to beat!

Harris RF-601 Antenna Coupler

Rated at 1 KW, key down, all day, every day. It's the ultimate remote antenna coupler!