There's nothing quite like carrying your transceiver on your back and working the world!

The PRC-2000 is a British military tactical HF rig. Tactical means it is battery powered and meant to be carried in the field even while on the run.

(Of course, anything that runs on batteries can also be powered from a wall socket if one has the inclination. I had that inclination and you can see the result of that here.)

Anyway, the PRC-2000 is a 20 watt SSB / CW transceiver. It has room in the case for 15 VDC battery pack and it has an internal antenna tuner. It can also feed a 50 Ω antenna system.

But, for now check out the rig itself:

PRC-2000 Front View

Up to 10 memory channels can be programmed. Plus, there is a "VFO" mode where one can continuously tune the spectrum in various sized steps. In these pictures, the rig is running off the AC power supply and is connected to one of my sky hooks.

PRC-2000 Full View

Here you can see that I have the standard handset connected to the first audio connector and the CW key connected to the second. Also in this shot is the cable adapter I made up to connect the PRC-2000 directly to my PACTOR-III modem. The PRC-2000 makes a great MARS rig. It has superior transmit audio and is more than quick enough to work with digital modes.

PRC-2000 handset

A close-up of the handset.

PRC-2000 CW Key

A close-up of the CW key. Note that the "poker chip" under the knob is broken. It still works though; I've worked about 20 countries with this rig!

PRC-2000 accessories and manuals

Here's the rest of the accessories. Clockwise from the top: battery pack, British DPM backpack, whip antenna with shock mount, service manual and operators manual (both are copies).

PRC-2000 British DPM camo field pack

A close-up of the DPM radio pack.

PRC-2000 battery pack

A close-up of the battery pack. It is thirteen (13) 5-AH NiCad D cells. I kinda like NiCads. They're a bit old fashioned but they are low maintenance and very forgiving. I have never managed to run this pack out of power.

PRC-2000 whip antenna and shock mount

The standard whip antenna and shock mount.

PRC-2000 Operators Handbook

The operators handbook - it's a photocopy but perfectly readable.

PRC-2000 Maintenance Handbook

The maintenance handbook - it's a photocopy but perfectly readable.

PRC-2000 - the KF-2000 power supply

And, finally, the by-now world famous official W7KF PRC-2000 AC Power Supply.

What a great rig! Nonetheless, I sold it in 2011.