Yet another military pack set. This one made in the US of A!

Sometimes the great US military / industrial complex really gets it right. The PRC-104 radio is one example of that. These are kick-ass little radio sets.

These little rigs put out 20+ watts PEP over the 2.000 to 29.9999 frequency range in USB, LSB, Data and CW. The receivers are really hot, they're designed to hear with the AT-271 10 foot whip antenna.

One thing I really like about the PRC-104 is that you can use the internal antenna coupler even on a coax fed antenna. The PRC-2000 only gives you the choice of using the coupler on the whip (or a random wire) or using the 50 Ω output to feed a resonant antenna. So, the coupler is not an option on a coax fed antenna.

The PRC-104 is a great man-pack rig and does really well as PACTOR / MARS rigs whether at the home QTH or forward deployed.

Anyway, here's mine:

PRC-104B Face

BTW, the PRC-104b variant allows for six channels to be programmed into memory and scanned. Here's how to use the memory and scanning features:

To program a channel:

To enter scan mode:

To change the default 10 second scan rate:

To jump to a channel in your scan set:

Another web site that has tons of good info on the PRC-104 series belongs to Brooke Clarke.

The PRC-104 is a solid radio and, unlike many man-pack rigs, spare parts are available via the web!