Harris RF350-K

Military Surplus at its finest!

This system consists of the Harris RF350K 100 watt transceiver and the Harris RF355 500 watt Linear Power Amplifier. Both units are in shock mount transit cases. Additionally, there is the somewhat rare RF352 Harris Remote Control Unit. This unit allows complete control of the system from a remote location. Of course, the exceedingly rare Harris remote control interface board that mounts in the RF350K is included and in place. The RF352 remote control unit is mounted in a high quality metal case with feet for table top use.

RF-350K Overview - more pics below...

Included is an 800 foot cable that runs between the RF352 Remote Control Unit and the RF350K / RF355 LPA. Yes, 800 feet! This cable will allow you to put the rig out in the barn, garage or down in the basement and control it from 800 feet away. This makes for a wonderfully quiet system. There are no fans or blowers in the Remote Control Unit – it's dead silent.

Included in the sale is a set of printed manuals. Each manual is either a Harris original or a high quality reprint, complete with extended page fold-out schematics. Also, the impossible to find Harris Operator's Card and System Fault Card is included.

And, finally, I'm including a new set of updated EEPROM chips and a spare set of band pass filter relays. (Apparently, these relays are a common cause of failure. I haven't seen that failure but picked up the spares – just in case.) Oh, of course, a military M-80 hand mic that works with the RF350K.

All you need to add is an antenna and you're on the air with this legendary Harris "Pacer Bounce" setup.

BTW, are you a CW loving green radio guy? This system is the best CW rig of all the green radios I have used. In the CW mode a narrow filter kicks in – it's either 400 Hz or 500 Hz. Also, I've tuned the T/R delay for optimum CW use. It's not QSK but the T/R turn-around time is the best I've encountered in a MIL rig. It also has a variable BFO so you can set the receive CW tone to whatever you like – unlike most military CW modes where you're stuck listening to 1,000 Hz.

Naturally, the RF350K system works great on PACTOR and other digital modes as well. It also includes full phone patch capability, etc. And, although I've never attempted it, the documents describe setting up the remote control capability over standard phone lines. You should be able to put the rig up on a mountaintop and control it from your armchair at home!

BTW, at present I have both the RF350K and the RF355 LPA set up to operate on 240 VAC. The RF352 Remote Control Unit is set up to operate on 120 VAC. If you want to operate the RF350K and RF355 LPA on 120 VAC you will have to change the plug on the end of the two power cables and flip a switch inside each of the two units. This is all documented in the included manuals.

This setup cost Uncle Sam about a kazillion dollars. Finding a complete setup like this today is pretty challenging. And, then you have to find all the MIL connectors and build up cables and all that. Ugh.

The rig is at my QTH in Montana. You are welcome to drop by and give it a test drive!

But, enough of this talk -- here are the pics and more details:

Here's an overview of the whole system. That's the RF352 Remote Control Unit in the desk top case, the RF355 500 watt LPA in the gray transit case and the RF350K in the blue transit case. On top of the remote control are the spare relays and the updated EEPROMs. On the floor is the 800 foot remote control cable and the stack of manuals. The front and rear covers for the transit cases are on the right.

RF-350K Overview - more pics below...

Here is the Remote Control Unit. The M-80 Mic is NOS and has just been unpacked.

RF-352 Remote Control Unit

Another view of the RF-352 Remote Control Unit, on 20 meters.

RF-352 Remote Control Unit on 20 Meters

Here's a close-up of the remote control while I'm whistling up a nice sine wave tone. The RF355 LPA is on and the meter is indicating 500 watts output.

RF-352 Remote Control Unit, putting out 500 watts

Here's the other side of the remote control unit. The interface between the RF355 Remote Control and the RF350K is using the RS-422 protocol and that's what the 800 foot cable is wired for. I couldn't get the RS232 interface to work so I set it up for RS-422 which works great.

RF-352 Remote Control Unit, the other side

The remote control unit is mounted in a Schroff case. It's a nice quality case; it does have some shallow scratches but no dents. A paint job would make it outstanding. The case is easy to disassemble and paint. I use these cases for everything around here and I like them a lot.

Here's the 500 watt LPA in operation. Again, I'm providing a perfect sine wave by whistling into the mic. The meter is on the power out scale and is showing a bit over 500 watts out.

The RF-355 500 LPA producing 521 watts output

Here's another view of the 500 watt LPA in operation. The meter is in the plate voltage position and showing a bit over 2300 volts – this is in the key up condition. When producing the rated output the plate voltage is 2000 volts.

The RF-355 LPA Plate Voltage

Here's a pic of the RF350K. The transceiver and the 500 watt LPA are mounted on rack shelves and installed in the shock mounts in the transit cases. The rack shelves are full depth so the units are completely supported. If you'd rather put the units in regular racks you'll need the included rack shelves. They're all steel construction and built to hold the weight of these units.

The RF-350K itself

Here's a pic of the RF382 automatic 500 watt antenna coupler. This is about the most amazing antenna coupler you'll ever find. It will match the RF350K system to just about anything from 9' long and up. It will do so automatically. It will remember the tuning settings and will re-establish tune in approximately 0.2 seconds on a frequency that it has been on before. This thing ROCKS!

The RF-382 Automatic Antenna Coupler

Included in the sale but not shown here is a 100 foot control cable that runs between the RF-350K and the RF-382 coupler. Also, a 100 foot length of LMR-400 low loss coax cable to connect the RF-350K and the RF-382 coupler. You need both. So, add a chunk of wire and you're on the air!

Shown below is the 800 foot remote control cable. Now, the 800' figure is approximate. It was a 1000 foot roll of cable and I've cut off a piece or two to make various jumpers. It might be closer to 900 feet. Or maybe 700 feet. I don't know and I'm not going to stretch it out to measure it. It's long, it has the proper connectors on it and it works great with this system.

The 800 foot long remote control cable

The manual for the RF350K transceiver. 'Nuff said..

The manual for the RF-350K

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

The RF-350K Operator's Card and the System Fault Card.

The RF-350K Operator's Card and the System Fault Card.

The manual for the RF355 500 watt Linear Power Amplifier (LPA).

The RF-355 LPA Manual

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

The manual for the RF352 Remote Control Unit.

The RF-352 Remote Control Manual

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

The BIG schematic pages are proper fold-outs

Spare band pass filter relays. There is also a mod that puts a tiny amount of DC through the relay contacts in the RF350K. Apparently that keeps the relays from developing issues. I'll include the documentation of that mod with the RF350K manual. Anyway, the relays in this rig haven't failed. I just picked up the spares when I had a chance to do so..

The spare band pass relays

Here's the new, updated EEPROM chips for the RF350K. I never got around to installing them. These are available from KO6NO

The updated EEPROM chip set

This pic was taken during the BITE self test as initiated from the Remote Control Unit. During the test, the entire display is enabled so you can look for missing characters while the system checks itself out.

The beginning of the full system self test

This picture shows the result of the full system BITE self test: “PASSED”.

The full system self test - PASSED

The system works great and I use it when I'm the net control station on my MARS nets. If you'd like to hear the rig in action send me an email and we'll set up a sked. I can operate on any frequency that's legal for both of us.

The bottom line?! Well, as you can see, I've got a lot wrapped up in this system. The transit cases alone cost over $500. The 1000' feet of remote control cable? You don't even want to know. But, I've got too many rigs and I need to thin the herd..

I've been tracking prices on ebay:

Unit Low Average High
RF350K Transceiver $384 $934 $2133
RF355 Linear Power Amplifier $384 $580 $950
RF352 Remote Control Unit $148 $260 $664
RF382 500 Watt Antenna Coupler $275 $800 $1800
Totals: $1191 $2574 $5547

So, the average price of the three units plus the auto-coupler would be: $2,574. But, that is for unknown ebay units likely without cables, documentation, transit cases, etc. This is a complete, working, turn-key system with all cables, connectors, etc. Connect some wire for an antenna and you're on the air!

But, wait, there's more! You also get:

Sorry, this rig has been SOLD!

It was a great rig! But, I sold it in 2010..