Projects? I got a kadzillion of 'em!

Here's a few of my most recent projects.

Five Band L-Network Coupler

A Five Band, Kilowatt Capable, Switched L-Network Antenna Coupler

The KF-382 Antenna Coupler Interface

How to interface the Harris RF-382 (or RF-351) coupler to any ham rig.

Rig/Amp Selector

How to Idiot-Proof which rig to use...

PRC-2000 AC Power Supply

An AC Mains Supply for a battery operated rig.

A Tactical Vertical Antenna

An interesting assortment of military suplus gear mixed with a bit of ingenuity can go a long way.

QSK with the OMNI-VII and an amp

I've been told that timing is everything. Certainly with QSK it is!

Differential Keyer

Gotta have QSK. Gotta key modern and ancient rigs from one keyer. What's a guy to do?!

Improving the Mackay 3020A receiver

Simple stuff, but it might restore your premium receiver to life!